We will send the best to each job based on experience and competence. We believe that young and eager people must be given the opportunity to develop, and we will at all times have employees in all competence groups. Some are independent while others still have to work in teams.

We are experts in multi-workers with more skills to get even more productivity. Our consultants will find out in collaboration with the customer who is best suited for your project.

Leading personnel:

We have employees with the competence and experience to lead others. They are skilled workers with documented experience in industry management. Together we find the right person for your job. We can offer:

  • Chairmen of ISO subjects
  • QC
  • FROSIO inspectors



Our field engineers have higher education and further competence in their field.

They have experience from Norwegian industry, are structured and goal-oriented towards the project and the customer’s needs.


ISO fag

Maintenance on all types of installations on and offshore requires crews in insulation, scaffolding, surface work and related special disciplines.

We have professional ISO workers for small and large assignments.


Scaffold: Our scaffolding builders are the best in their field, and have experience in both facade, hanging and industrial scaffolding.

Habitat: Operators and builders within Habitat. Qualified and documented employees, usually in combination with scaffolding.

Surface treatment: Surface workers with qualifications in industrial painting, sandblasting, fire protection (chartek), epoxy, UHT ++. All our employees have a certificate in the field or site test according to Norsok 501.

Insulation: Our insulators are qualified according to Norsok 4001 or Norwegian trade certificate. They also have expertise in HVAC, asbestos, sewing insulation pads to name a few.


Decorator: Our employees who work with interior design are all skilled in the carpentry profession. Often in combination with scaffolding.


Our employees are qualified in the subject areas of electrical, welding, plate, pipe and mechanical subjects. Everyone holds a trade certificate within their discipline, and several are multidisciplinary which makes them attractive on the market. We have employees available for longer and shorter assignments, both on- and offshore.

They have experience in floating rigs, fixed installations offshore and land-based shipyards.