NOG Access provides a wide range of inspection services in combination with access technology. NDT, FG / DROPS, welding inspection, condition checking, corrosion inspection to name a few.

NDT inspection

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) is used to control equipment and critical components with various test methods, without affecting the properties of the object. Choosing the right method and technique is essential for NDT work. NDT is a cost and time saving method that can detect errors and weaknesses before things go wrong. One can thus avoid costly downtime on important machines.


Dropped object inspections are one of the most important tools production and drilling installations use to reduce the risk to workers on the installations. NOG Access provides services, everything from planning, inspection and reporting.

Welding inspection

All our welding inspectors are certified to NS-477 or through international schemes such as IWI.

Condition and corrosion inspection

We use traditional inspection methods to identify material diminution as a result of different types of corrosion, as well as perform condition checks of structure and equipment in our projects.