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We offer rental of scaffolding trailer, frame scaffold and haki scaffold both alu and steel, assembly/disassembly of simple and complex types of scaffolding to a wide geographic area. We have 15 employees that are efficient and experienced scaffolding builders. We have several options and sizes adapted to your needs with approximately 25 000 m2 of available scaffolding material.

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Multi-discipline means that we employ personnel with trade certificates / expertise in several fields. This makes us more efficient.

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Maintenance & Modification

We are specialists in work at height and rope access technology. All our employees are certified rope access technicians, work at height and rope access technology are our core business and core competence. Rope access technology is a very flexible and cost-effective way to work. Where scaffolding is traditionally used, we can perform the job using rope access technology, or a combination of both.

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NOG Access provides a wide range of inspection services in combination with access technology. NDT, FG / DROPS, welding inspection, condition checking, corrosion inspection to name a few.

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we currently have these vacancies
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Morten Borøchstein
+ 47 994 97 957
Kay Ove Johansen
Owner and business Developer
+ 47 413 20 078
Torbjørn Vartdal
Department Manager Scaffold
+47 469 77 808
Hilde Kristine Hånes
Department Manager Inspection / HSEQ
+ 47 458 51 619
Lasse Gravdal
+47 990 12 312
Amanda Nygård
Head of administration and accounting
907 53 940
Marius Høihjelle
Sales & Project Manager
+47 920 37 623
Kristine Ertesvåg
personnel coordinator
+47 904 07 709
Caroline Egset
Accounting coworker
+47 459 18 035
Jon Svendsen
Technical leader
+47 479 00 388
Arve Jørgensen
Coordinator Scaffold
+47 411 44 277
Dinara Shamiyeva
Project planer
+47 919 23 144