Fusjon (merger) mellom Norwegian Group og Most Solutions

On 1st of February 2015 MOST Solutions from Kristiansund performed a merger with Norwegian Group in Volda.

Norwegian Group is already well established within Rope Access, NDT and Scaffolding. With this merger, the company holds significantly increased competence. This includes integrity services, project management and inspection of fixed and temporary drilling equipment.

MOST Solutions is a young company established on 12th of December 2013, specializing in inspection of drilling equipment. Entrepreneurs of the company were Morten Borøchstein and Stuart Mackle, with Marit Grønseth as CEO. Following the merger, they are now part of the administration and the operational management in Norwegian Group.

CEO of Norwegian Group, Per Bjarne Skarstein, says that the merger between the companies is of great importance for future projects. A number of excellent qualifications and years of experience are realized. This makes the company’s position in the market stronger than ever.

Against the Flow

Norwegian Group has been steadily progressing with various projects and incoming work. The company is also one of the few which has avoided temporary or permanent lay-offs.

– The economy of the company is stable and this gives confidence to our customers. With this merger, Norwegian Group is reinforced and grows despite a general downhill trend in the market. Our strategy to deliver highly skilled personnel in the fields of inspection, maintenance and modification, has proven to be a success so far. This success factor has continued with the services we offer in connection with technical safety in the offshore market. Our investment during the market slump means we will continue to deliver our services at a comfortable price without compromising on quality and safety, says Skarstein.

According Stuart Mackle and Morten Borøchstein, Norwegian Group now offer its customers expertise in drilling and subsea equipment inspections, periodic inspections of lifting gear and equipment and increased expertise and experience in NDT (Non-Destructive Testing).

– We check all of the equipment that goes from the top of the derrick and down to the bottom of the sea, and equipment used downhole, says Mackle.

Norwegian Group now holds high expertise in BHA inspections (Bottom Hole Assembly), using NS2 certified personnel.

– This merger has opened up new opportunities, and we’re working continuously to develop our products and services to offer our partners a customized product, says the main shareholder Kay Ove Johansen.


Norwegian Group får rekordkontrakt (record contract) med Dolphin Drilling

Multi-discipline company Norwegian Group from Volda has signed a record contract with drilling company Dolphin Drilling. This is a significant agreement for Norwegian Group. The job of expanding the workforce now begins.

The contract runs for three years and Norwegian Group will deliver services in rope access, scaffolding, NDT, painting and insulation to three of Dolphin Drilling’s rigs, Borgland Dolphin, Bredford Dolphin and Bideford Dolphin. Norwegian Group’s goal is to extend the agreement to include the remaining eight rigs Dolphin Drilling has around the world. Norwegian Group was competing with eight other companies to win the contract.

“This is proof that our strategy to become an integrated services supplier within the multi-discipline market has succeeded. Our work has been orientated towards reaching such a position as this. This will demand more from our organization, both in terms of project management and actual implementation of the project”, explains Kay-Ove Johansen, Norwegian Group’s main shareholder.

The largest individual contract, more employees

The contract is significant for the Volda company. If NOG is awarded the contract for the 8 other rigs, there is talk of even larger figures. This is a record contract, and the largest single contract Norwegian Group has signed.

“The agreement means we will need to step up recruitment in the coming months. We must appoint several people, both within operational departments and locally in administration. We will therefore start work immediately to increase manpower”, informs Johansen.

Cato Erikstad Gundersen, Procurement and Logistics Manager in Dolphin Drilling, explains that there were several reasons for choosing the Volda company:

“We see Norwegian Group as flexible, which is important for us in relation to challenges in bed capacity on the rigs. Of course it is also crucial that they deliver good services and have good references”, says Gundersen.

Norwegian Group has chosen NSE Gruppen as the supplier with the expertise to undertake the specialist services that will be subcontracted.