Oil and gas

Deliveries of specialist services throughout the life cycle of shipyards and the oil & gas industries. From new construction to installation offshore to production on land and decom.


Many projects in the industry suffer from a lack of focus on how materials and equipment should be installed. For us at AAK Energy, installation planning is a separate field, and lies between theoretical knowledge and practical understanding. Our way of solving installation projects is time and cost saving, as a well-planned job will take less time, require less personnel, seize less resources and be completed in a shorter period of time.

Not least, a well-planned job can provide a significant HSE benefit, as early involvement can facilitate a consistent safety thinking in the design of equipment and choice of method.

Examples of installation services:

  • Steel assembly
  • Pipe installation
  • Installation of drilling equipment
  • Flare tip replacement
  • Work in the splash zone
  • Thruster change
  • Grating and railings
  • Rigging and skidding of equipment

A selection of previous projects AAK Energy has done:

Customer: Location/Installation: Description:
OKEA Draugen Replacement of 16 process pipes, replacement of oil outlet line
Equinor Mongstad/Kollsnes Replacement of flare tip
Equinor Visund Installation of drilling equipment
Master Marine Haven Installation of pipes and equipment in jack-up legs
Repsol Gyda Reinforcement of caissons


Demolition projects are characterized by the fact that the worksite and surroundings are constantly changing as components and equipment are removed. It is therefore often more appropriate to use rope access technology rather than scaffolding. We also have methods and procedures that allow hot work such as torch cutting and welding in combination with rope access technology.

Customer: Location/Installation: Description:
AF Offshore Decom Albuskjell, Cod, Ekofisk, Murchinson m.fl MIG welding. welding of temporary structures, Industrial rope access. Padeyes and NDT, rigging
Scanmet / Subsea 7 Gullfaks A, lastebøye Preparations offshore for towing
Scanmet /Subsea 7 Frigg MIG-welding, rigging, Industrial rope access, planning of lifting operations

Concrete rehabilitation

Through many years of concrete rehabilitation offshore, we have developed methods for removing old concrete, as well as developing new methods for grouting. Our methods today are based on the use of water chiselling with UHP and dry mortar.

We also have smart and efficient solutions to ensure personnel access on vertical surfaces, and we use a self-developed mobile work platform – “Travo”, to ensure access.

AAK Energy’s services within concrete rehabilitation are performed by personnel certified in NS-EN 1504-9 and NS9600.

Customer: Location/Installation: Description:
AS Norske Shell Draugen Concrete rehabilitation of concrete shafts