Industrial Rope Access

AAK Energy has been in the forefront of Rope Access Technique development since our start in the 1980s, where we were among the first to certify Rope Access Operators in Norway. Our long and extensive experience puts us in the perfect position to develop new tools and methods that both aids in the safety and effectiveness of rope access. This in turns means our methods save cost and are highly effective and precise.

All our Rope Access Technicians are certified in accordance with NS-9600 and we cover most of the mechanical and industrial disciplines.


Since AAK Energy was established in 1987, rigging and lifting operations have been some of our leading disciplines. Work at heights is almost always a part of lifting operations and our Rope Access Technicians are often involved in lifting operations.

Rigging is part of the fundamental competence for all our Rope Access Technicians and mechanics. All our riggers are certified according to O3.2, in addition they have certificates as signaller and slinger (G11 / O1.1 + O2.2). Our engineers have wide practical experience from access techniques and rigging making them capable of planning complex lifting operations.


We can do most of the lifting-related tasks, for instance replacement of flare tips where there is no overhead structure, thruster replacement and installation of reinforcement structure when cranes can’t access the area.

We have an extensive equipment park of lifting equipment, jacking equipment and transport equipment for quick mobilization in our own projects, as well as for rent:

  • Chain hoists
  • Air hoists
  • Wire hoist
  • Beam clamps
  • Plate clamps
  • Trolleys
  • Hydraulic jacks
  • Turn buckles
  • Shackles, slings, straps etc

Some of the rigging and lifting jobs AAK Energy has performed:

Customer: Location/Installation: Description:
OKEA Draugen Replacement of 16 process pipes, replacement of oil outlet line
Equinor Mongstad/Kollsnes Replacement of flare tip
Equinor Visund Installation of drilling equipment
Master Marine Haven Installation of pipes and equipment in jack-up legs
Repsol Gyda Reinforcement of caissons

Enterprise of Competence with Lifting Equipment

Rigging and lifting equipment is a core area for AAK Energy and as an expert company and EPCI supplier, we can plan, perform structural analyses, certify, and perform complex lifting operations using temporary lifting equipment

We use the database ONIX, where all equipment that is controlled is registered with associated documentation. When checking lifting equipment, the database is accessed so that equipment can be easily searched and the necessary documentation such as control cards and certificates can be downloaded. When purchasing new equipment, this will easily be transferred to ONIX.

AAK Energy is certified as an expert company in the categories RX- all types of lifting equipment, G7 (winches / winches / hoists) and G10 (hand-driven hoists).

AAK Energy is certified in class S1.

Mechanical Expertise

We have personnel with a trade certificate and expertise in a number of mechanical subjects including: sheet metal work, engine and industrial mechanics, pipefitters and flange work(torque and tension).