AAK Energy


Oil and gas

Deliveries of specialist services throughout the life cycle of shipyards and the oil & gas industries. From new construction to installation offshore to production on land and decom.

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Wind and Hydropower (Renewable Energy)

AAK Energy has extensive experience in both maintenance and inspection of wind turbines and hydropower plants, this means that we can carry out the work both quickly and efficiently.

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DROPS Inspections and Enterprise of Competence

Falling objects are a major problem in all worksites. AAK Energy offer guidance and inspections to systematically reduce the possibility of falling objects.

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Industrial Rope Access

AAK Energy has been in the forefront of Rope Access Technique development since our start in the 1980s, where we were among the first to certify Rope Access Operators in Norway. Our long and extensive experience puts us in the perfect position to develop new tools and methods that both aids in the safety and effectiveness of rope access. This in turns means our methods save cost and are highly effective and precise.

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Lodve Tveiten
Senior Engineer, Project Manager
+47 402 19 228
Sindre Kavli
Manager- warehouse & logistics
+47 950 40 145
Bjarte Bø
Senior Ingeniør, Prosjektleder, Fagansvarlig TT, Faglig leder sakkyndig virksomhet
+47 452 64 210
Merethe Bruvik
Personnel coordinator
+47 979 84 265
Kari Hope
Payroll and accounting manager
+47 971 64 130